ECU emulator

Universal ECU emulator – the device that emulates existance of one or several automotive ECUs. This can be useful, when some ECU cannot be repaired or replaced. If this ECU is not vital it can be emulated

Obviously, this device is installed on your car by your own risk. The first emulation is AHLS (AHS) Hyundai and Kia cars. Active Hood system is very fragile and often becomes faulty without real accidents. The main models that are currently can be flashed:

  • 79170-2W000
  • 79170-2W300
  • 79170-2W500
  • 79170-B1000
  • 79170-B1500
  • 79170-J5010
  • 79170-G9000
  • 79170-J5000
  • 66970-G9510 (CAN-FD)
  • 66970-G9500 (CAN-FD)

This device not even emulates ECU, but also can communicate with diagnostic device, returning main data values, idents and other information.

There are currently two versions of the device: CAN and CAN-FD.

The device comes within moisture prevention box.

Attention! Installation only by professionals.