Our company specializes on the development of tools for professionals in repairing in-car electronics, including the inspection of brand-new control units, the routine check of units, the analysis of their design and principles of operation, the unit construction and functionality, as well as repair works, diagnostics and examination of automotive electronics of different types of complexity.

Our second profile is customization of ECU firmware aimed to solve specific tasks:  we remove functions disabled in the unit, and add on new ones. We also re-install ECU firmware when repairing units in order to delete persistent internal errors unremovable by conventional scanners.

For example, in SRS units, new firmware is installed in order to remove crash data (the impact data that hinder further use of the unit), whereas in ECU it is used to disable EGR, and is later followed by chip tuning.

ECU diagnostics

We perform diagnostics of various types of control units, identify faults, and generate error reports (DTC), launch and check units ...
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ECU Reflashing

ECU reflash is a change in data stored in the ROM of an ECU, including changes in the CU controller ...
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ECU Repair

Repair of control units, detection of faults based on a diagnostic report or diagnostic procedure received from a technical diagnostic ...
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