About Us

The history of the company begins in 2007, when we were engaged in the repair and diagnostics of SRS / Airbag units, gradually accumulating experience and various useful developments, which allowed us to expand our list of services.

We are open-minded people and thus try to share our experience with all professionals interested in this subject.  We have created a number of specialized projects to help you understand the nature of our business.

Airbagi.ru — a site devoted to the examination, diagnostics, and repair of airbags

ПодушкаБезопасности.рф — an information portal on in-car safety systems for professionals who repair and flash SRS / Airbag units.

Сrashdata.info — an information resource for car experts who, by the nature of their work, are associated with reading and interpreting collision-related impact data.

Сantracer.ru — a specialized website on the development, debugging and diagnostics of automotive CAN-Bus. Designed for professionals who work with CAN-Bus analysis and research, diagnostics and reflashing.

Device.Cantracer.ru —  a versatile multifunctional device that completes the CanTracer functionality.

Currently our company is focused on ECU repair and research activities.